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Daniel Horowitz is the lawyer for Dr. Rebecca Parish of Comprehensive Wellness.

Dr. Parish donated her time to vaccinate over 500 Seniors (Free of Charge) at the January 15 & 16th Stanley Vaccination Drive supported by the Chamber of Commerce, our Local Police, local church and community groups.    The present contentious political atmosphere gave truth to the sad adage, “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” and there was complaint that Dr. Parish chose to give vaccinations to people not qualified.  COMPLETELY UNTRUE but imagine the deep emotional hurt that Dr. Parish experienced hearing this stated.  What really happened was that on the day of the clinic, people had tears in their eyes saying “Thank you Dr. Parish, I haven’t hugged my grandchildren for almost a year.”

I have personally verified that Dr. Parish will be getting more vaccines from the county.  There is currently a shortage of vaccines and only large centers such as John Muir Health have vaccines.  Stay Tuned.

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An Accurate, Well Researched Television News Story About the Controversy (Reporter Juliette Goodrich)




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