Criminal Defense Specialists

bear with state bar of california certification as criminal defense specialist and link to news article on horowitz if you click the picture CRIMINAL DEFENSE SPECIALISTS

Our practice group has 3 Criminal Defense Specialists.  We are genuine “Specialists” certified as specialists in criminal defense by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

We are Certfied Specialists under CALIFORNIA RULE of COURT 9.35

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Daniel Horowitz – Certified Criminal Defense Specialist

Daniel Russo – Certified Criminal Defense Specialist

Carmela Caramagno – Certified Criminal Defense Specialist

The Specialist designation is earned by years of experience, peer review, reviews from the judiciary and a rigorous gateway written examination.  Daniel Horowitz and Tom Kensok have both taught training courses for potential criminal defense specialists and prior to joining Lawyers in Lafayette, Tom Kensok was a senior District Attorney in Contra Costa County responsible for hiring and training new prosecutors.

Daniel Horowitz is a criminal defense specialist, a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” and a member of the National Association of Distinguished Counsel – Nation’s Top One Percent.Membership as Nations top 1 percent lawyers awarded by the national association of distinguished counsel.

Our cases include the representation of the former Prime Minister of Ukraine and physician defense in both medical board actions involving formal accusations or pre-accusation negotiation.  We represent attorneys charged with criminal fraud, chiropractors fighting billing fraud and scope of practice allegations and other professional fraud cases.   The recent legalization of marijuana on a state level and the federal hemp growing laws, have led to many criminal cases being filed in the federal courts.  We represent hemp growers, CBD processors and marijuana distributors against federal charges.  Our trial team defends gang cases, general criminal cases, homicides, vehicular manslaughter, federal drug crimes, DUI’s,  conspiracy and most other serious state and federal felonies.

Our nationally recognized lawyers are experienced trial attorneys with separate practices.  We maintain separate practices and form custom legal teams based upon your needs.  We match your case to the experience and expertise of the individual attorneys.    The trial lawyers have personally been lead counsel hundreds of complex, high stakes jury trials.  Our class action section is led by Michael Hassen, the leading class action attorney in the United States.
We utilize the most advanced case management and trial technology with cloud based file sharing, custom client “sandboxes” to exchange data and ideas, advanced electronic search techniques and sophisticated case presentation technology.  Daniel Horowitz was one of the leaders of the computer revolution in the law profession, consulting with DTSearch, CaseMap and other (now) well established technology solution providers at their early stages of development.

Higher Productivity

Our more modern (and lower overhead structure) provides a higher level of representation without additional cost.  Daniel Horowitz pioneered the use of computer technology in complex litigation and we use (but are not controlled by) the latest technological tools.

Trial Credibility

Our lawyers have the highest levels of experience in trial work so we bring credibility to your case.  A good “deal” is better than an unnecessary battle – but if the battle lines are drawn, our lawyers can go the distance.

Daniel Horowitz has a portfolio of multi million dollar judgments in employment and car accident cases in addition to his many criminal defense victories.  Former Prosecutor Tom Kensok has hundreds of convictions for serious felonies.  Carmela Caramagno and Oksana Tyskova have more jury trial experience than most senior partners in “big” firms.  Carmela is a certified criminal defense specialist and Oksana is completely fluent in both Russian and Ukrainian.

Appellate Credibility

Our appellate attorneys are admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court and the California Supreme Court.

Legal Commentator

Daniel Horowitz is a television legal commentator and frequent legal analyst in the press and on national news programs.  He is frequently found in articles published by the Associated Press, CNN, the Drudge Report and on the television networks commenting on high profile cases.  Horowitz has recently been featured in the L.A. Times (a police corruption expose which led to the reversal of 12 convictions).  Other profile cases include the Los Angeles area “Bling Ring” case and the lawsuit filed against actor Mel Gibson. 

High Profile – High Stakes Cases

We have  successfully defended Fortune 500 corporations in large class actions as well as individuals such as author Terry McMillan, Radio Show Superstar Michael Savage, Al Pacino and Oksana Grigorieva (the pianist and singer assaulted by actor Mel Gibson).

Our criminal cases include the “Bling Ring” case which was the subject of a movie by Sophia Coppola, the Susan Polk murder case, the “FAIM” (Family Affiliated Irish Mafia) trials, and many cases involving medical fraud, chiropractic fraud and healthcare fraud.

International & Nationwide Law Practice

Our offices are located in Lafayette, California and Walnut Creek, California .  This is in Contra Costa County outside of San Francisco.  Our attorneys are admitted in New York, Washington D.C. and have appeared in courts from Wyoming to The Netherlands, Ukraine, Israel, Cyprus and numerous other jurisdictions.   Attorney Oksana Tyskova is fluent in both Russian and Ukrainian.

Daniel Horowitz is admitted to practice and has won cases in the ninth circuit court of appeals Daniel Horowitz admitted to practice before the supreme court of the united states this shows a supreme court emblem with eagle on it.


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