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Our practice group has FOUR Criminal Defense Specialists who are certified as specialists in criminal defense by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.  If you had a brain tumor you would want a brain tumor specialist.  If you have a heart problem …. You get the point.  We are a firm of dedicated criminal defense lawyers and if your case matters to you, consider hiring attorneys who have been peer reviewed, reviewed by judges and certified as criminal defense specialists.

What is a Certified Criminal Defense Specialist ?  Read: CALIFORNIA RULE of COURT 9.35

Daniel Horowitz – Certified Criminal Defense Specialist

Daniel Russo – Certified Criminal Defense Specialist

Carmela Caramagno – Certified Criminal Defense

Douglass MacMaster – Certified Criminal Defense Specialist



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 Our nationally recognized lawyers are experienced trial attorneys with separate practices.  We maintain separate practices and form custom legal teams based upon your needs.  We match your case to the experience and expertise of the individual attorneys.    The trial lawyers have personally been lead counsel hundreds of complex, high stakes jury trials.  Our class action section is led by Michael Hassen, the leading class action attorney in the United States.

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