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General Legal Matters for Residents of Lamorinda

Contra Costa County Lawyer Daniel Horowitz in suit


As community lawyers our Lafayette legal group has a broad scope of legal practice.  Our areas of practice include Personal Injury Law, Physician Representation & Criminal Defense.  Trial law is our strongest differentiator from other law firms.  We have done many more trials than most other law firms.

But many cases do not fit into easily articulated categories.  Family law and divorce have real estate aspects, business aspects and domestic violence aspects.  Our office can handle critical parts of that type of case and then partner with a lawyer we consider to be highly qualified in the core area such as Family Law.   

A neighbor dispute over a property line may have simmered for years and real property lawyers may have exchanged letters.  Finally one of the neighbors sues.  This is a real estate matter but it requires trial expertise.  We would be contacted by the real estate lawyer to serve as co-counsel in the trial case.  As Daniel Horowitz is a licensed real estate broker, this is an excellent fit.

Presently we are representing a dentist in an office lease lawsuit, a security company in a civil rights lawsuit in federal court and we are co-counsel on numerous complex family law matters.

Our suggestion is this.  For any legal matter contact our office.  If we are a good fit we will take your case.  Otherwise we will partner with the proper expert or assist you in finding the best attorney for your legal needs.