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Lawyers in Lafayette - What Cases Do We Handle?

Contra Costa County Lawyer Daniel Horowitz in suit


I am often asked:

“What kind of cases do Lawyers in Lafayette handle?”

 Or “Aren’t you mostly criminal defense lawyers?” 

The answer is this:

"We handle everything but IN HOUSE, we focus on four areas of expertise:

  1. Trial law
  2. Personal injury law
  3. Physician Representation
  4. Criminal defense.

Why Do You Advertise "If We Can't Help You We Can Make a Qualified Referral?

The key to this question is the phrase "Trial Lawyers". Most cases of any type settle. But almost alll cases require a strong negotiation position to settle properly. Of course, if a case does not settle a properly prepared and skilled trial attorney is important.  Our referral based of the best Lamorinda lawyers includes those with whom we regularly collaborate as well as top specialists in their respective fields of practice.

Lawyers in Lafayette is a group of independent lawyers with separate legal practices. Cases that go through Lawyers in Lafayette are curated by Daniel Horowitz. That is the key.

Daniel assembles a custom team of attorneys and paralegals. The custom team consists of people with special expertise in your area of need. Daniel coordinates the group, supervises the work and is always aware of the progress of your case.

If you have a business issue that is complex, we have Molly Northrup who is both an experienced paralegal, law student and possesses a high level MBA.

If your issue involves complex medical issues we have Dr. Mark Ravis who is currently licensed as an MD and has an active law practice.

For real estate issues, Daniel Horowitz is a licensed real estate broker.

For cases that are outside the expertise of our specific group, we have relationships with Contra Costa County and Bay Area attorneys with whom we work and who we trust.

The trial lawyer portion is the key to the referrals. We remain involved with many of the cases that we refer. We use our trial expertise and our office's ability to manage large volumes of documents and evidence. We use this expertise to assist the lawyer to whom we make a referral.

We are consultants and trial lawyers "at the ready". Your case will be handled by a top technical expert but should exceptional trial experience benefit your case we are there.

What is the Typical Lafayette or Lamorinda Case?

Typical legal work arising in the Lamorinda community is estate planning, business and employment contract review, real estate and construction issues and unfortunately, divorce. Daniel Horowitz is highly experienced in the world of business. He is a licensed real estate broker, SEC Registered Investment Advisor and for 30 years the legal consultant to an investment advisory firm that managed the voluntary pension fund for the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Oksana Tsykova is expert in immigration law and has been hired by the Marin County Criminal Conflicts Panel as their outside expert on immigration. The daughter of two physicians she is often consulted on immigration issues for physicians and high level executives.

In divorce cases we pride ourselves in working with attorneys who look to calm the situation and we are fortunate to have referral cases where the marriage was ultimately saved.  On the flip side, we sometimes remain directly involved in divorce cases when there is spillover to issues of domestic violence.

Daniel's local focus gives him a sensitivity and connection to the needs of this very special community.  Lamorinda is distinguished not by its affluence but more by its culture, opportunities and community vibrance.  Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda are "small towns" in the sense that issues, disputes, divorces and other legal problems are rarely kept quiet.  The connection of your lawyer to your community can make or break your reputation, affect your privacy and affect your case outcome.

Daniel Horowitz and his family are very active with LPIE, Generations in Jazz, Acalanes sports and music and the Chamber of Commerce.  Daniel Horowitz is also a longstanding member of the Lafayette Crime Prevention Commission.

What is the Physician Part of the Practice?

We represent medical doctors including those with privileges at John Muir Health in licensing, medical board, peer review, MEC and contract matters. Our work with John Muir whistleblower Dr. Alicia Kalamas has been front page news as is our work for the family of Ailee Jong who died at John Muir during surgery. Our work has helped push JMH back to its roots as prestigious local hospital. These cases have led to investigations of John Muir Health (John Muir Hospital) by the California Department of Public Health, the California Medical Board, Senator Padilla and Congressmember DeSaulnier (who took the lead in this).

During the initial COVID vaccine days we represented numerous physicians targeted for extracting extra critical vaccine to protect their elderly and vulnerable patients. We intervene regularly in MEC investigations and peer review matters. We recently resolved in less than six months a case that had dragged on for six years.

If you live in Lamorinda (Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda), Danville, Alamo or Walnut Creek our legal group is focused on your needs. It would our privilege to assist you.

What About Personal Injury?

This is a highly competitive area of law. If you click on a paid Google ad for "personal injury lawyer" that click may cost the law firm $ 50-$100. We only take cases that are generated organically. Our focus is on quality of representation and not quantity.

Most of our personal injury cases are car accidents. We encourage clients to see their regular physicians or chiropractors and we avoid "building a case" they way some 1-800 personal injury law firms do.

We review your medical condition with a true "medical eye". Dr. Michael Yates, DC has been a chiropractor for over 25 years and while he functions 100% as a paralegal his understanding of your medical symptoms and medical records ensures that we (Lawyers in Lafayette) are in sync with your situation and your needs.

For cases involving major surgery or lifetime injuries we have a licensed medical doctor, Dr. Mark Ravis who is a doctor/lawyer with whom we consult. NONE OF THESE ADDITIONAL CONSULTATIONS cost you any money. We charge a fixed percentage fee and we bear these consultation costs.

Our trial lawyer background distinguishes our firm from many others. Insurance adjusters and opposing counsel understand that when we negotiate we do so from strength.

What is the Criminal Law Practice for Lawyers in Lafayette?

Daniel Horowitz and Daniel Russo are certified criminal defense specialists (State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization). Tom Kensok was one of Contra Costa County’s top criminal prosecutors for over 20 years and Oksana Tsykova presently heads the Contra Costa County Criminal Defense program.

Daniel Horowitz is one of leading complex case criminal defense lawyers in Contra Costa County. Cases involving business fraud, Worker's Compensation fraud, Stark law violations, investment schemes are paperwork intensive. Daniel Horowitz has published and trained on document management issues. When a criminal case turns on managing documents and finding needles in haystacks, we are one of the few Contra Costa criminal defense firms qualified in this area.

Daniel Horowitz has also taken over 40 murder cases to trial including 7 death penalty cases. The office also handles DUI cases and other less serious charges when the person who is the criminal defendant needs a special defense. In other words, a first DUI is rather routine and there are many excellent DUI specialist lawyers who can assist. However, if you are a corporate officer or physician, you may need an extra level of defense to protect your career.