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Oceangate’s Titan (Titanic Explorer Vessel) Missing – View the Warning Lawsuit


Here is a link to the lawsuit filed by a former employee who claimed that he raised safety concerns with the hull and other systems. See LAWSUIT. Unfortunately there are many cases where whistleblowers cannot afford to take on the larger entities who the whistleblower is exposing. Lawsuits like this settle and the issues are lost.

Here is part of what he claims:

OceanGate was in the process of developing an experimental submersible named
Cyclops 2 or the “Titan.” The Titan utilized carbon fiber, rather than a metallic composition, in
its hull. OceanGate intended the experimental Titan to carry passengers and dive to extreme
depths of 4,000 meters—a depth never before reached by an OceanGate manned submersible
composed of carbon fiber.

Lochridge primarily expressed concern regarding the lack of non-destructive
testing performed on the hull of the Titan.

Lochridge again expressed concern that this was problematic because this type of
acoustic analysis would only show when a component is about to fail—often milliseconds
before an implosion—and would not detect any existing flaws prior to putting pressure onto the

  1. Given the prevalent flaws in the previously tested 1/3 scaled model, and the
    visible flaws in the carbon end samples for the Titan, Lochridge again stressed the potential
    danger to passengers of the Titan as the submersible reached extreme depths. The constant
    pressure cycling weakens existing flaws resulting in large tears of the carbon. Non-destructive
    testing was critical to detect such potentially existing flaws in order to ensure a solid and safe
    product for the safety of the passengers and crew

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