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Michael Savage and the Savage Nation

Image of Daniel Horowitz sitting with Michael Savage


Michael Savage vs. TRN: A Legal Battle Unleashed


Michael Savage and Daniel Horowitz met when Daniel was a guest on Michael's show in 2006.  Daniel was defending San Francisco Police officer Andrew Cohen in the "Videogate" battle with then Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom.

Michael Savage, known for his top rated talk show “The Savage Nation,” found himself embroiled in a legal dispute with TRN, the syndicator that carried his show.

Daniel's total victory in that case changed the face of Talk Radio and freed Michael Savage to create content completely controlled by Michael Savage.  You can watch Michael Savage's Podcasts because of this victory.

Key Details - Ownership and Control:

Michael Savage’s show was syndicated by TRN, which held significant control over its distribution and financial aspects. However, tensions escalated between Savage and TRN, leading to a bitter legal showdown.

Daniel Horowitz’s Role:

Savage sued TRN, seeking to break free from their contractual ties. TRN tried to keep control of his voice so that he could appear on TRN or nowhere. TRN claimed ownership of the content of Savage’s prior broadcasts and rights to his thoughts (intellectual content). The case involved intricate negotiations, financial calculations, and contractual interpretations.

Victory and Liberation:

The legal battle resulted in a historic victory for Michael Savage. TRN was ordered to pay Savage substantial money damages, (over a million dollars). Most significantly, Savage gained complete freedom from TRN. Ownership of his show was transferred to Savage, allowing him to explore new syndication opportunities, podcasts, blogs and any other manner of distributing his content. His thoughts, ideas, books and ability to create new content were released completely to him.

Impact and Industry Shift:

Michael Savage’s departure from TRN had a ripple effect. Other hosts, including Laura Ingraham, followed suit, leading to the collapse of the entire TRN network. The legal victory reshaped the landscape of talk radio syndication.