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What is Business & Professions Code Section 490.5 & 29.5?

Written CV of attorney Daniel Horowitz

What is Business & Professions Code Section 490.5 & 29.5?

This section is of interest to physicians and anyone with a state board that controls your professional license. Divorce is hard enough without the possibility that your entire career can be destroyed. If you fall behind on child support you can lose ability to pay child support by losing your professional license.

Section 490.5 reads:

A board may suspend a license pursuant to Section 17520 of the Family Code if a licensee is not in compliance with a child support order or judgment.

The rule applies when you seek a license.

§ 29.5 reads:

In addition to other qualifications for licensure prescribed by the various acts of boards under the department, applicants for licensure and licensees renewing their licenses shall also comply with Section 17520 of the Family Code.

Beware of informal and hard to document (cash?) payments of child support. If checks bounce, if one spouse moves, if you withhold support in retaliation for other financial disputes. If the child support order requires paying ½ of a child’s summer camp, private school, therapy - whatever, be careful before you withhold “your share” even if there is a major dispute as to whether the school, camp etc. is a shared or agreed choice.

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