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What are the Obligations of Medical Staff in California? (22 CCR § 71503)


What Does Medical Staff Supervise in California? (CCR 22 section 71503)

At a minimum, medical staff must have specific bylaws and other rules and regulations that describe the mechanisms for carry out their state mandated functions.

California Code of Regulations Title 22 section 71503 (22 CCR § 71503) requires that these rules cover (at a minimum)

1. Executive review
2. Credentialing
3. Rules and maintenance of medical records
4. Tissue review
5. Utilization review
6. Infection control
7. Pharmacy
8. Therapeutics
9. Ways to assist medical staff members impaired by chemical dependency.
10. Ways to assist medical staff members suffering from mental illness
11. Rehabilitation services for members having chemical dependency or mental

Source: Cal. Code Regs. tit. 22 § 71503