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Why I don’t think Avi Loeb found debris from a Spaceship (Aliens – Here to “Serve Man”)


1st, what are the chances that after a decade in the ocean small little pieces of metal from a massive impact will be lying around to be plucked out of the ocean. Next, what he used to find the metal is a giant magnet. So some spacecraft is so strong that it can enter the earth’s atmosphere at 130,000 miles per hour burn to heck but be made so strongly that it survives until it hits the ocean. Where are the heat shield tiles? Most likely if it were metal, hitting the atmosphere – it would burn up/melt. Next, the small balls, if they were truly recovered from an impact are clearly metal droplets that condensed when they hit the ocean.

You see almost no criticism of Loeb in the press, television or on the internet. Why? Think about how long it took to find the Oceangate sub. Why was Loeb able to find little pieces of metal so quickly? No one questions this?

Avi Loeb’s expressed wonder at how strong the metal found was seems disingenuous. Either he is faking it completely (and salting the mine) or if he really found meteor fragments, bear in mind the incredible speed and impact. That will harden, fuse many elements and compounds. No great mystery here. Extreme heat, extreme pressure makes many things crushable. Pressure on carbon creates diamonds but that is not done by aliens. Just dinosaurs and pressure. (Or a lab – I know)

A good trial lawyer never takes anything at face value. A trial lawyer is evidence based and proof not emotion drives his/her analysis. If I am wrong and this is part of an alien spacecraft, I apologize in advance to the aliens. Just beware of aliens from the Twilight Zone episode who came here “To Serve Man”.

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