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(Former Supervising District Attorney)


As a Personal Injury Lawyer, Tom Kensok brings strong trial skill credibility to his negotiations.  A good settlement is always the goal but if a case is brought to trial, Tom Kensok’s extensive experience gives his clients great confidence.

Tom has tremendous credibility in the legal community.  As a prosecutor he led trial teams in complex cases.  As a community member he has served on the school board of Napa County, been a moot court coach and has hired and supervised many of the finest trial attorneys in California.

This reputation, these relationships and the years of trial experience make Tom Kensok an attorney who commands respect from the insurance companies and their lawyers.  They know that Tom is strong and fair.  This means that your case will settle (in most instances) on the best possible terms.  If it cannot settle, you can be certain that Tom Kensok is ready, willing and more than able to take the case through trial.


As a Veteran Trial Lawyer and former Top Prosecutor, Thomas Kensok joined Lafayette Lawyers as a Senior Trial Attorney.  Personal Injury clients give highly positive feedback to Tom Kensok.  He negotiates aggressively and has the trial experience to bring tremendous credibility to his settlement demands.

Tom has an office in Napa as well as Lafayette.



  • Supervisor Homicide, Gang, Sexual Assault, Community Violence Reduction, and Domestic Violence Units. Work on policy issues with District Attorney and other officials. Interface with police departments, multi-discipline teams, and CBO’s.
  • California Prison Realignment Coordinator
  • Contra Costa Human Trafficking Coalition Co-Chair
  • Ceasefire and Focused Deterrence
  • Justice Department Violence Reduction Network Liaison
  • Attorney Recruiting Coordinator
  • Safe Streets Task Force Gang Violence Attorney Director
  • Office initiatives to reduce crime and recidivism
  • Board of Supervisors Racial Justice Task Force



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The theme of Lawyers in Lafayette is client focus.   Your needs and your personal goals are paramount in our minds as we fashion your legal strategy.  We form custom legal teams ideally suited to the needs of your case.   We choose among people with exceptional qualifications, MBA’s, MD/lawyers, DC/lawyers, former prosecutors and other legal team members with specialized and exceptional qualifications.

The result of this careful team selection is that your case is expertly staffed.  There are no beginners and no trainees on your team.  We plan your case looking many steps ahead.   This preparation is reflected in superior results.

Our group of independent attorneys are involved in our communities.  Tom Kensok has served as a Napa school member.  Daniel Horowitz is a Lafayette Crime Prevention Commissioner.  Our lawyers are significant contributors to local and national charities.

We handle all legal matters either in house or by referral to expert lawyers whose work is known to us and trusted.  It is rare that we cannot be of assistance.

We focus our practice in three areas:

Criminal Defense 

Medical License Defense

Personal Injury

The Medical License Defense includes physician Peer Review and Medical Board defense, chiropractic board defense, nursing board and other professional board and license matters.

Our personal injury practice includes many cases with million dollar verdicts and settlements.  We have significant trial experience in this area as well.

For Criminal Defense we have two State Bar of California Certified Specialists in criminal law. (Certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization).  Only approximately 300 lawyers in the entire state have this State Bar credential.

Feel free to call for any of your legal needs.  If we can’t help you with your problem we often can make a referral to an attorney who is highly qualified to assist you.

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We have recently added Karina Johnson to our team.  Karina’s practice focuses on physician contracts, divorce and medical employment matters.  Karina formerly did referral work with Charles Bond at Physicians Advocates.  She presently has her independent practice.

Karina Johnson attorney

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We are Independent Lawyers with Separate Practices working together to provide the highest level of representation.

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