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Representing Ukraine Prime Minister Pavel Lazarenko

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Prime Minister of Ukraine, Pavel Lazarenko: A Battle in the Courtroom

Pavel Lazarenko, a prominent Ukrainian politician, found himself ensnared in a complex web of corruption allegations. Despite being innocent of all charges, the Pro-Russian Ukrainian administration targeted him, leading to a decades-long legal battle.   As Prime Minister of Ukraine he pushed his country toward normalization both economically and politically.  He favored the United States over Russia but he was targeted by his political opponents. He fled Ukraine after 3 assassination attempts only to be charged with crimes by the United States government which acted on behalf of the Ukraine ruling party.

Daniel Horowitz’s Role

International Charges:

Daniel Horowitz stepped in to handle the international charges filed against Pavel Lazarenko.
These charges spanned multiple countries, including Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Canada, the Netherlands, and Cyprus. The allegations primarily revolved around fraud related to natural gas transactions and state-owned farm activities. Notably, all the international counts were eventually thrown out, vindicating Lazarenko.

Ukraine Crisis and Political Motives:

The mistaken support of the Pro-Russian government fueled these false charges against the Pro-USA Prime Minister (Lazarenko). The United States unwittingly prosecuted an innocent man due to misguided political reasons. Lazarenko’s pro-Western views and advocacy for a free economy clashed with the oppressive regime in Ukraine. Recordings even captured the dictator of Ukraine discussing which opponent to “feed to the Americans.”

Legacy and Tragedy:

Ukraine suffered from the persecution of Pavel Lazarenko, falling into the grip of a Pro-Russian, murderous clan. When the Pro-Russian oligarch was ousted, Putin seized Crimea. Lazarenko’s story serves as a cautionary tale—a reminder of the impact of political maneuvering on innocent lives.

Legal Triumphs and Restoration of Reputation

Daniel Horowitz’s relentless efforts resulted in the dismissal of all charges against Pavel Lazarenko, except for a few unrelated to his conduct as Prime Minister. The court recognized Lazarenko’s innocence, but tragically, some counts based on allegations from a co-defendant turned cooperating witness dealings led to conviction on charges handled by another attorney.

Here is the Order Dismissing the Criminal Charges against Ukraine Prime Minister Lazarenko.

In the intricate dance of geopolitics and justice, Daniel Horowitz fought valiantly to restore Pavel Lazarenko’s good name.

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