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What is Shoplifting in California?

What is the Crime of Shoplifting in California?

In California, shoplifting is legally defined under the California Penal Code 459.5.  It is a person entering a commercial establishment during its normal business hours to steal, take, or drive away a product valued at $950 or less.

Shoplifting is a crime that is defined in Penal Code section 459.5. 

It involves entering a business and taking something, intending to leave and not pay.  It is a burglary in many ways, but as defined under the Penal Code, it is a far less severe crime and is often not even prosecuted.  So, in essence, it transforms what might be a burglary into a misdemeanor theft-type crime.  

Most shoplifting cases end up in diversion, meaning they are not charged as a crime; instead, the person receives counseling.   A concern has arisen with mass crimes organized on social media, where dozens of people invade stores and take items.  If the value is under $ 950, is this still "just shoplifting?"