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What is an FPPE as Defined by the Joint Commission?

What is an FPPE?

An FPPE is a Focused Professional Practice Evaluation. Hospitals conduct a FPPE during the initial evaluation of a practitioner. It takes place when there is a request for reappointment or when a new privilege is requested.

The Joint Commission defines an FPPE this way.

The Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE) is a process whereby the medical staff evaluates the privilege-specific competence of the practitioner that lacks documented evidence of competently performing the requested privilege(s) at the organization. This process may also be used when a question arises of a currently-privileged practitioner's ability to provide safe, high quality patient care.

A period of FPPE is required for all new privileges. This includes privileges requested by new applicants and all newly-requested privileges for existing practitioners. There is no exemption based on board certification, documented experience, or reputation.

The Joint Commission defines the data sources for an FPPE this way.

Data Sources - The data source used for the FPPE process must include practitioner activities performed at the organization where privileges have been requested. This may include activities performed at any location that falls under the organization's single CMS Certification Number (CCN). For example, if an organization operates two hospitals that fall under the same CCN number, data from both hospital locations may be used.

For practitioners it is critical to distinguish the routine FPPE’s from an FPPE that is a form of discipline or a precursor to discipline and potential reporting.

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