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The internet is full of personal injury case myths.  Here is how the system really works.

Three Times the Medical Bills

All personal injury cases are important.  Too often, attorneys settle cases for the old formula, “3x medical bills”.

The math is obvious.  The doctors gets 1/3.  The lawyer gets 1/3.  The client gets 1/3.  That is an old game and it ignores the realities of modern personal injury practice.

We care about you and your case. This means that we give each case individual attention.

First and most importantly, your attorneys needs to be certain that you are obtaining appropriate medical care.  Too often, medical providers see a personal injury patient as a “cash cow” to milk to pay the bills.   Your attorney needs to spot this so that your recovery is not eaten up by unneeded medical treatment.  A case requires genuine injury documentation.  Insurance companies are NOT impressed by huge bills that have no relationship to real injuries and good faith/genuine treatment.

The Crystal Ball

Proper medical diagnosis and careful assessment of your injuries is critical.  How many times have cases settled cheaply and years later the client realizes that his/her injuries were far more severe than they realized ?  Too often !  No one has a crystal ball but our “we care” philosophy means that we have your best interests at heart.  We think long term for you.

When we received $ 120,000 for a 2 mile an hour fender bender it wasn’t luck and to be honest, it was more hard work than genius.  Instead of using the 3 x the medical bill formula, we spoke with the treating doctors and gained an in depth understanding of our client’s pre accident condition.  We met with and hired top experts who honestly and accurately demonstrated how even a small amount of force could cause the manifestation of previously “quiet” conditions.  Our medical preparation was so solid that the defense experts agreed with our basic positions.  Our $ 120,000 recovery shocked the insurance company which had previously made NO OFFER at all !

Litigation Experience

Personal injury law should more than advertising for cases, collecting records and sending a demand letter.  You are not a cookie and personal injury settlement is not a cookie cutter form.

Your lawyer has to have credibility with the insurance adjusters, insurance companies and their lawyers.  Credibility means honesty, strong preparation and a demonstrated ability to win cases at trial if they don’t settle.

Daniel Horowitz has extraordinary trial experience in the personal injury and criminal law courtrooms.

He has won millions of dollars in verdicts and achieved millions of dollars in settlements.  Dan Horowitz wants to reach a fair settlement for your case. No one wants to be forced to trial.

But …………..

If the case cannot settle, even when your demand is fair and honest, Horowitz says “bring in the jury !”  Few personal injury lawyers can say that we so much genuine confidence.

High Profile Cases

Daniel Horowitz represented author Terry McMillan in her ground breaking marriage fraud lawsuit against her ex-husband.  He won the case for radio show host Michael Savage against radio syndicator Talk Radio Network that allowed Savage to leave TRN and sign with Cumulus radio.  That decision also gave Savage a large cash award and the rights to all

$ 70,000 Offer – $ 2 Million Dollars Recovered

He won a $ 2 million dollars in a whistle blower case  in Sacramento after a very tough jury trial.  That case was rejected by many firms including a prior firm that tried to convinced the client to accept a $ 70,000 settlement offer.   The client was genuinely entitled to the money.  The case was difficult but the cause was just.  Dan Horowitz litigated alone against three attorneys on the other side.  The jury awarded a million dollars and the judge awarded additional attorney’s fees and costs.  Over $ 2 million dollars was collected.

Chiropractors Trust the Law Firm

If you are treated by a chiropractor, the Horowitz office is your first choice. Michael Yates was a chiropractor for two decades before joining the Horowitz law office as its personal injury coordinator.

Many insurance companies discount chiropractic treatment in car accident cases.  Dr. Yates works closely with your medical providers to ensure that everyone gets fairly compensated.  It is important to be practical.  It is a fact that many insurance companies offer lower settlements when a chiropractor is the primary treating entity.   Michael Yates makes certain that your chiropractic treatment is fully explained to the insurance adjuster so that they understand that the treatment was necessary and proper for your injury.  If the treatment is appropriate and well documented, the insurance company will make a fair offer because (again), the recognize that Dan Horowitz can and will, put the case in the hands of a a jury.

Chiropractor & Paralegal Michael YatesPicture of real check made out for 2 million dollars to a horowitz client