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Car hits Motorcycle ——- $ 3 MILLION DOLLAR RECOVERY <<Click to View>>



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  We Care !

If you’re injured in a car accident, you need aggressive representation from a lawyer who has credibility with the insurance companies.  A strong and organized personal injury settlement demand results in larger recoveries and avoids unnecessary litigation.  The Horowitz law firm has a history of large verdicts and settlements in car accident cases.

Daniel Horowitz is a “Top 100” trial lawyer.  This gives him credibility in negotiating settlements.  A trial law firm (not just a “litigation firm”) gives you the best negotiating power and the greatest chance at a fair settlement.  We care about our clients and each case gets our personal attention.

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We Fight !

A Jury Trial is a “Bar Room Brawl”

If you don’t get a fair settlement offer, your lawyer has to be willing to go to court.  If the case doesn’t settle in court, your lawyer has to go the distance – you need a trial lawyer.  A “litigation firm” focuses on preparing a case for trial but often does not have the experience to actually follow through in the trial courtroom.

Alameda County Judge, Tom Rogers once compared a jury trial to “a bar room brawl“.  When negotiation, mediation and good faith all fail, you need a courtroom fighter with a national reputation.  Daniel Horowitz has that reputation.

                           $ 120,000 Fender Benders to Million Dollar Cases

Daniel Horowitz as a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer”, has represented injured people in hundreds of accident cases.  He has recovered at arbitration, $ 120,000 for a client who was injured in a 2 mile an hour fender bender in a Casper’s Hot Dog parking lot!  Larger cases resulted in  millions of dollars of recoveries.  Daniel has million dollar awards in car accident cases, elevator accidents, motorcycle collisions and whistle blower lawsuits.

Attorney Hired by Attorneys

Successful law firms hire and consult with Daniel Horowitz on trial issues.   There are many fine personal injury lawyers in Contra Costa County and throughout the State of California.  Horowitz is proud to be among the elite group of attorneys who know personal injury law and fight for injured clients.


Daniel Horowitz’ high profile clients include Terry McMillan, author of How Stella Got Her Groove Back; Michael Savage, of radio’s Savage Nation; Joseph Farah, publisher, World Net Daily; Al Pacino, actor; Geraldo Rivera and many others.

Photo of grigorieva and horowitz and link to People Magazine article on settlementDaniel represented Oksana Grigorieva in the “screaming tape” case involving actor Mel Gibson.  She recovered millions of dollars and Mel Gibson was convicted of domestic abuse.


Daniel Horowitz was the trial attorney for whistle blower Carole Arbuckle in her $ 2 million dollar trial victory against the State of California.


Daniel Horowitz has been trial counsel in many of the highest profile criminal cases in Contra Costa County and the San Francisco Bay Area.  Daniel represented Coby Phillips, founder of the Family Affiliated Irish Mafia (FAIM) against murder, attempted murder, gang conspiracy and drug conspiracy charges.


photo of melissa ho facing charges for vehicular manslaughter

He represented a young women charged with vehicular manslaughter in an Alameda County case.



bear with state bar of california certification as criminal defense specialist and link to news article on horowitz if you click the picture


Daniel Horowitz is one of only 200 (approx), certified Criminal Defense Specialists in the State of California.


Geographic Coverage

It helps to be familiar with a particular court system. An experienced attorney can (and will), learn the ropes of each jurisdiction.  The Horowitz law firm has substantial experience in the following cities and courts.

In California – Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Martinez, San Francisco, San Jose, Modesto, Stockton, Sacramento, Danville, map showing counties of sonoma marin contra costa, alameda, santa clara, san mateo, san francisco and solano as near horowitz officeMoraga, Orinda, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Tracy, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, Alamo, Diablo, Ross and other cities in the counties of Contra Costa, Sonoma, Napa, Marin, San Francisco and Alameda.

Nationally, the office has recent cases in Washington D.C. and New York.  Internationally, the attorneys have appeared in courtrooms in Ukraine, Canada, Israel, Cyprus, China, The Netherlands and Turkey.

Daniel Horowitz is admitted to practice in federal district courts, the United States Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, California Supreme Court and many of the State of California Courts of Appeals.  Oksana Tsykova is admitted in California and in Washington D.C..

From September 2017 – Mid 2018, Horowitz will be in trial (or in multi day contested hearings) in San Jose, California; Stockton, California; Orange County, California and Oakland, California.


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