“Lawyers in Lafayette” are attorneys with separate practices who form custom legal teams to fit your needs.

Unlike a typical “big firm”, each attorney is highly qualified and experienced.   You don’t pay for young associates who over bill to make yearly quotas. You don’t pay for middle level attorneys to learn their field.  Instead, you get highly qualified, jury trial hardened attorneys who command the respect of the Courts and the opposition.  Our more modern (and lower overhead structure) gives you a  higher level of representation without additional cost.

Our lawyers have handled hundreds of jury trials in areas that include multi million dollar employment law trials,  personal injury/wrongful death trials, business disputes, insurance and corporate defense and high profile criminal cases.

Our celebrity clients include author Terry McMillan, Radio Show Superstar Michael Savage, Al Pacino and Oksana Grigorieva (the pianist and singer assaulted by actor Mel Gibson).

Daniel Horowitz is admitted to practice and has won cases in the ninth circuit court of appeals Daniel Horowitz admitted to practice before the supreme court of the united states this shows a supreme court emblem with eagle on it.