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Log of Napa Valley Unified School district where Tom Kensok is a member of the school board of napa and practices school law as a member of the napa school board this is the board logo and links to his bio

“School laws, regulations, and rules can be intimidating. I can help you navigate the path to a resolution in the best interest of your child.”

Tom Kensok the napa school board member who the subject of this page is shown in ais photo in lafayette ca head the link by clicking on Kensok picture is to education code IEP sectionshot

Tom Kensok Advocates for Student Rights

  • Expulsions
  • Suspensions
  • Appeals of expulsions / suspensions
  • Record clearing
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Civil Rights
  • Protection of Political Speech
  • Personal Conflicts with teachers, administrators, staff
  • Mediation of conflicts between parents

Tom is a father, school board member and former top Contra Costa County Prosecutor.


Strong Supporter of Campus Security

TOM KENSOK SUPPORTS SAFE SCHOOLS.  As a former top prosecutor, Tom advocates strongly in favor of proper campus security measures.   School law requires that your child’s school be safe from bullies and those who intimidate or threaten.


         Education Code Section 44050 

If a school has a written code of conduct that applies to employees, it must now provide all parents with a copy of those rules.  If a school does not have a code of conduct, that will no longer be “secret”.  If there is a code, everyone will know the rules and you, as a parent, can judge whether a particular staff member is following the school rules.

   Education Code Section 8239.1

There has been a huge spike in preschool expulsions. There are now substantial protections for your child.

This new law bars a preschool from “expelling or unenrolling a child from a state preschool program because of a child’s behavior unless the contracting agency has expeditiously pursued and documented reasonable steps to maintain the child’s safe participation in the program and determines, in consultation with specified parties, that the child’s continued enrollment would present a continued serious safety threat to the child or other enrolled children, and has referred the parents or legal guardians to other potentially appropriate placements, the local child care resource and referral agency, or any other referral service available in the local community.”  (Legislative Digest)

Elected Member – Napa School Board

Tom Kensok was unopposed when he won re-election to the Napa Valley School board on November 4, 2014.   Tom knows how to make the schools listen and respond to your child’s needs.  In cases involving school suspension, expulsion or discipline, education law attorney Tom Kensok knows the rules and can make certain that your child gets fair treatment and due process.

Former Prosecutor

As a former prosecutor Tom knows that bullying can lead to greater violence and a lifetime of trauma.  Tom works with parents, your child, police and administrators, to ensure that your child’s school provides a safe and nurturing environment.  As a former gang prosecutor  Tom Kensok has put hundreds of gangsters behind bars.  He will fight to protect your child from the threats and intimidation of gangs at school.

Protecting Privacy Rights of Children

Tom has the judgment and experience to intervene in a way that preserves your child’s privacy and protects your child’s rights.

School Bullying

Remember, high school bullying may have significant criminal law issues.  As a former prosecutor, Tom Kensok is aware of how school issues can impact criminal charges.

Short Term Solutions – Long Term Planning

Middle School issues can often be mediated and resolved while elementary school problems are often more complex as they involve classifications, IEP’s and longer term planning.  Lawyers for children know that  short term solutions can calm a situation – BUT, the short term resolution must have a long term goal.  Your child’s lawyer must be a strategist so that the solution furthers your long term educational and long term social goals.

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over 200 pages of rules and regulations for education law in california photo of cover page with link to education document

Important Resource:  Read in Detail about California Education Laws and Rules


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