Juvenile Arrests

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It is a sad and shocking reality that a juvenile arrest for a non-violent crimes can taint the academic and social future of teenagers who are arrested.

In affluent communities such as Danville, Danville/Blackhawk, Alamo and other “sheltered” Contra Costa County areas, many burglaries are committed by people who live outside of town.

BUT, a meaningful percentage of home burglaries are committed by the teenagers who live in those communities.  A lawyer representing a young person charged with a crime has responsibility that goes beyond simply making the case “go away”.

A teenage burglary arrest (for example) is often the tip of an iceberg. “Fixing” the case is the triage but not the solution.

Tom’s job is to turn the arrest into a learning experience so that the young person’s future is protected and he/she grows and becomes the person that he/she truly wants to be.

The concept of growth and redemption should apply to ALL communities.  Tom Kensok fights for the future of young people of all backgrounds.

While former Judge and current District Attorney Diane Becton is new to the job, Tom hopes and believes that she will be highly receptive to programs that protect the future of young people from both affluent and struggling communities.

As a member of the Vice President School Board of Napa County and a former Contra Costa Assistant District Attorney, Tom Kensok knows how to protect your teenager so that the arrest or the consequences of the event do not permanently impact his/her future.

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