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picture of a car hitting a motorcycle with a video showing the actual accident

  Video of Car vs. Motorcycle Accident 

Case Settled – $ 3 Million Dollars

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Car Accident Law at “Lawyers in Lafayette” is personal.  We care about you.  We know each of our clients by name without having to “look you up” on the computer.   Our claim as the best personal injury lawyers is based upon our experience.  Michael Yates prepares the medical side of our accident cases.  Michael Yates is a licensed chiropractor and law school graduate.  If the case does not settle, lead counsel Daniel Horowitz has taken over 300 cases to trial and arbitration.  His multiple awards in excess of $ 1 million dollars gives him the credibility to negotiate the best personal injury settlement.

Even a “low impact” accident can cause serious neck and back injuries. A single concussion can cause a lifetime of impairment. We understand the science and medicine that explains why you hurt and why your pain continues long after the “insurance company” thinks you should be better.

About our Personal Injury Paralegal – Dr. Michael Yates

Dr. Michael Yates  is a licensed chiropractor .   Dr. Yates will interview you and carefully review all of your medical files.  He will document each and every injury that you suffer.  Insurance companies make reasonable settlement offers because they respect Dr. Yates and the Horowitz law firm.

Dr. Yates had an active chiropractic office in the Stockton/Lodi area until he became interested in law.  He attended law school but kept his chiropractic license active.  He is an independent paralegal who works for Daniel Horowitz evaluating personal injury cases.  Dr. Yates will interface with your treating doctors.  He will review your medical records. Dr. Yates will speak directly with you to ensure that we fully understand your injuries, your pain and your long term impairments.  There is no additional charge for Dr. Yates’ services.  He is part of the law office personal injury team.  As always, there is no fee until we collect.

Horowitz personal injury medical consultant, Chiropractor & Paralegal Michael Yates in a suit holding a law book. This picture links to the board of chiropractic examiners website showing dr yates license as valid and active

Settle When Possible but Litigate if Necessary

We settle the vast majority of cases.  At times, the offers are simply too low.  If we disagree with the settlement offers, we have a top team of experienced jury trial lawyers who can and will take your case to a jury.  We have an excellent success record at personal injury and high takes jury trials.   Our lawyers have gotten verdicts of $ 125,000 in a 2 mile an hour fender bender and millions of dollars in more serious cases involving physical injuries, assaults and employment discrimination.   We have a web page that details some of our million dollar verdicts & settlements.

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