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Our legal team includes appellate and writ attorneys, board hearing and trial attorneys (Horowitz, Russo & Kensok) and licensed medical professionals (Yates).   This team has consistently protected licenses of medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and many others.   Professional license defense is a highly nuanced and complex area.  The timing of defenses, procedural oddities and peculiar (and perhaps unconstitutional) burdens of proof make professional license defense a minefield for the inexperienced attorney.

Currently, many board actions have a criminal component.  Medical doctors are frequently accused of opioid over prescription, sexual misconduct,  billing fraud (upcoding, wrong diagnosis) and self referral frauds.  A disgruntled employee or patient can lead to a major investigation without any good cause.

Chiropractors often face scope of practice and “practice of medicine” accusations.

Other medical professionals often face charges relating to drug or alcohol use.   Two of our attorneys are state certified criminal defense specialists.  If medical issues are involved, we have special expertise through Mark Ravis who is an active MD and lawyer and a licensed chiropractor / law school graduate (Michael Yates).  We work with other highly qualified medical professionals in other cases.

Our team includes an attorney fluent in Russian and a paralegal (law school graduate waiting to take the bar) fluent in Spanish.

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Trial Lawyer Dan Russo

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Daniel Horowitz – Trial Attorney & Television Legal Commentator

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