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CBD IS NOT LEGAL FOR CHIROPRACTORS TO USE ON PATIENTS OR RECOMMEND ! Does CBD work ?   We believe it does.  Our office is one of the leading defenders of the marijuana / hemp / CBD industry.  However, it is our obligation to make it clear that the widespread state allowances for medical marijuana, the...

Board Accusations

LICENSE BOARD ACCUSATION DEFENSE Our legal team includes appellate and writ attorneys, board hearing and trial attorneys (Horowitz, Russo & Kensok) and licensed medical professionals (Yates).   This team has consistently protected licenses of medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and many others.   Professional license defense is a highly nuanced and complex area.  The timing of defenses,...

Medical Defense Law

If you have a heart attack would you go to a foot doctor ?  Of course not.  We understand medical specialties and law specialties are similar.  "Yes", many wonderful criminal defense attorneys are not specialists.  But if your case is really serious, the fact that only 200 (approx) attorneys in the entire state are certified as specialists should at the very least, lead you to ask "WHY"?  Why does it matter that someone is a specialist in criminal law.

Criminal Defense Specialist

To legally advertise as a criminal defense specialist, the defense lawyer must pass a written test and undergo extensive peer review by other defense attorneys, judges and prosecutors.  If you had a serious medical condition wouldn't you seek the services of a specialist?  The same is true in criminal defense.  A criminal defense attorney who is a general practitioner will rarely have the expertise to provide you with the best defense.

Juvenile Arrests

It is a sad and shocking reality that a juvenile arrest for a non-violent crimes can taint the academic and social future of teenagers who are arrested. In affluent communities such as Danville, Danville/Blackhawk, Alamo and other "sheltered" Contra Costa County areas, many burglaries are committed by people who live outside of town.

School Law

“School laws, regulations, and rules can be intimidating. I can help you navigate the path to a resolution in the best interest of your child.”

Personal Injury

All personal injury cases are important.  Too often, attorneys settle cases for the old formula, "3x medical bills". The math is obvious.  The doctors gets 1/3.  The lawyer gets 1/3.  The client gets 1/3.  That is an old game and it ignores the realities of modern personal injury practice. We care about you and your case. This means that we give each case individual attention.

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