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Daniel Horowitz is a criminal defense specialist.  His defense of chiropractors is legendary.  His victory in the MUA case (2006) saved dozens (perhaps hundreds) of chiropractors from being criminally charged.

Tom Kensok Chiropractor Defense Lawyer – is a former top prosecutor from Contra Costa County  He charged medical fraud cases and he knows the elements and the grounds for charging chiropractic fraud, billing fraud and scope of practice cases .  As a prosecutor in Contra Costa County, Tom Kensok refused to charge weak cases or cases which were really just business disputes between chiropractors and the insurance companies.  Carmela Caramagno and Daniel Russo are also criminal defense specialists (certified by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization).  Both Carmela and Dan approach chiropractor defense cases from a highly technical view.  As Daniel Horowitz likes to say, “A fair trial is no trial at all!” and the work of this team is often focused on derailing the prosecution before it gets to trial.

Charges are not filed in the dark.  In most cases chiropractors know that they are being looked at.  This is the time to contact a lawyer to see if we can prevent the filing of charges (or negotiate a fair resolution that protects your reputation and license).  If the case has to go to a hearing, we have thousands of hearings and jury trials in experience.  We know how to prepare your case and how to defense you at a board (administrative) hearing.



Explains how to apply for a penalty reduction once discipline has been imposed on a chiropractor click the photo for the document

disciplinary guidelines for the board of chiropractic examiners complete volume

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