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Personal Injury & License Defense for Chiropractors


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Former Prosecutor (Contra Costa County) Tom Kensok is a true trial veteran who ran the Richmond, California district attorney’s office and was a supervising District Attorney.  Tom Kensok is a former Napa County School Board Member and President.  He is an instructor for Pincus continuing education courses and a staunch defender of the rights of medical professionals.

As a Personal Injury Lawyer, Tom Kensok brings strong trial skill credibility to his negotiations.  A good settlement is always the goal but if a case is brought to trial, Tom Kensok’s extensive experience gives his clients great confidence.

As a supervising District Attorney, Tom Kensok made charging decisions on many cases involving medical fraud, chiropractic fraud, billing fraud and other white collar charges.  Tom Kensok has strongly opposed using a district attorney’s office in a civil dispute about money.  Many cases involving charges of physician or chiropractic fraud are actually treatment or billing disputes that were “sold” to prosecutors by the insurance companies.

Defending doctors and chiropractors is natural for Tom Kensok, his wife is a nurse and Tom Kensok is a strong believer in the practice of medicine that does not harm as its first precept.  Scientifically based chiropractic medicine is critical to ensure quality care for car accident victims and people who have physical jobs.

Tom Kensok brings his legendary trial skills and negotiating skills to the defense of chiropractors.


Tom tries to stop charges from being filed.  If they are filed, he tries to reach a fair resolution.  If the case goes forward Tom’s massive trial experience makes him a formidable opponent in the courtroom.  An administrative hearing judge rules at an administrative hearing and his/her recommendation is usually (but not always), adopted by the Board.  Tom makes a strong record and makes persuasive arguments at the hearings while keeping his eye on the board and its final stamp of approval (or disapproval) on the judge’s verdict.


As a Veteran Trial Lawyer and former Top Prosecutor, Thomas Kensok joined Lafayette Lawyers as a Senior Trial Attorney.  Personal Injury clients give highly positive feedback to Tom Kensok.  He negotiates aggressively and has the trial experience to bring tremendous crediblity to his settlement demands.

Teaming with attorney Daniel Horowitz and paralegal/chiropractor, Michael Yates, Tom Kensok knows how to document injuries and explain the necessity for treatment.  If a case has problems, insurance limits or for any reason must settle for less than anticipated, you will NOT be asked to reduce your charges unless Tom Kensok ALSO reduces his charges.   Fairness is our Guide.


DEFENSE OF MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS      symbol of chiropractor symboltwo stones balanced on a rock fulcrum by the ocean illustrating chiropractic balance

Tom’s wife is a nurse and that cost savings and the corporate control of medicine is dictating medical decisions.

Tom Kensok is a strong supporter of person to person, face to face medicine.

The respect and dignity that was afforded our care givers is now being replaced by a corporate led suspicion that subjects the true healers to a terrible choice.  Limit your medical decisions to the “decision tree” created by the insurance companies – or – face potential criminal prosecution because your choices now fall outside the standard template of treatment.

The physicians we are seeing most under attack are the orthopedists and “pain doctors”.  Related to this is the attack on even the most science oriented chiropractors.  (Read Article on Chiropractors Under Attack by Tom Kensok)

As a former supervising prosecutor, Tom knows how orthopedists, chiropractors and other medical practitioners are unfairly targeted   As a Contra Costa County prosecutor, Tom Kensok stood up to the insurance companies and refused to file charges that were popular, sponsored by the insurance industry but unfounded.


Car Accident Lawyer !!!!

No Fee Until We Recover !!!

Every personal injury lawyer makes these claims and there are MANY excellent lawyers representing the victims of accidents.

Tom Kensok has a special skill set that makes him a high level choice for your car accident case.  Tom Kensok is known as a trial lawyer.  The insurance company has to make him a fair offer on your case because he can go all the way to trial without blinking an eye.  Of course, everyone who is reasonable wants a fair and appropriate settlement.  Truthfully, most of the time a well prepared and well presented case settles for what it is worth.  But, we also believe that insurance companies keep databases which track attorneys.  They know that Tom Kensok (and the Lawyers in Lafayette) are true trial lawyers.  When they know you “mean business”, they are a lot less likely to try to get away with a low ball offer.

Tom works with team member Dr. Michael Yates, a law school graduate and licensed chiropractor. 

Dr. Yates interfaces with your chiropractor, physician, physical therapist and other medical professionals.  You can be confident that your case will be prepared to the highest level by our team.


What Tom Kensok as a Former Top Prosecutor Can Ethically Offer

Tom’s almost 30 years as a trial prosecutor and supervisor have given him tremendous insight and credibility in the legal community.

As a recruiter, trainer and supervisor of many current district attorneys, Tom has a stellar reputation for honesty, good judgment, insightful analysis and advanced trial skills.  These earned achievements and earned respect, allow Tom to negotiate the best possible result.  Don’t be fooled by claims that former prosecutors have “inside” tracks and get “special deals”.  That would be unethical and except in a few corrupt circumstances, it doesn’t happen.  A former prosecutor obtains a better deal by honestly negotiating and by hitting the key “deal points” that a valuable to the negotiation.  Strength through experience and the ability to take a complex case to trial, results in the best possible resolution.


The best attorneys specialize.  If you are a real estate or a business attorney you understand the nuances of your specialty area.  Your superior knowledge will reach a point where you almost stand alone in the nuanced depth of your understandings.  If you have a “litigation” case that actual is going to a jury trial, in most instances you will have far superior knowledge of the law and the case BUT, just as non-specialists will not fully understand the nuances of your case, you will NOT have the same trial skills as an attorney who has dedicated his entire career to jury trials.  In a perfect world, your expertise would be combined with trial expertise forged in hundreds of jury trials.

Tom Kensok and the attorneys at Lawyers in Lafayette have gone to JURY trial on hundreds of complex, high level cases. These cases include real estate, medical fraud, employment law, personal injury, conspiracy, wrongful death and murder.

Tom Kensok and the lawyers he works with, will help you prepare your witnesses, write your opening and closing.  Tom can sit at counsel table and if it benefits your case, participate directly in the trial.  In this way, your client gets the benefit of your unmatched expertise combined with a presentation forged from years of doing battle in the courtroom.


   Board Accusations

Tom Kensok fights Board Accusations against Physicians and other medical professionals.

Negotiate:  Tom aggressively negotiates to resolve complaints and avoid administrative hearings relating to license challenges by the medical board. Preserving the license and the reputation of the physician is Tom’s 1st priority.

Or Fight:  If a case cannot resolve, the Deputy Attorney General’s know that they are facing one of the most experienced trial lawyers in the State of California.

The administrative hearing process is stacked against the doctor.  Tom Kensok knows how to overcome the bias against the physician.  He has the strength and intellectual ability to fashion creative and legally significant defenses.   Tom makes possible victory in cases that seem impossible.

  Criminal Charges Against Doctors

Physician Criminal Cases Before Filing:  If medical professionals are charged with crimes such as kickbacks, self referrals or other offenses, Tom Kensok will use his experience as a former Top Prosecutor, to resolve the cases before they are even filed.

Criminal Cases Filed Against Doctors:   If a case cannot settle, Tom Kensok is well known for his remarkable trial skills. The same reputation that allows Tom to settle cases, make him a formidable warrior in the courtroom.

You can rely upon Tom’s judgment and his courtroom “battle” skills.  Just as physicians know who is best in their field, attorneys recognize the talent and attention to detail possessed by great trial lawyers such as Tom Kensok.



  • Supervisor Homicide, Gang, Sexual Assault, Community Violence Reduction, and Domestic Violence Units. Work on policy issues with District Attorney and other officials. Interface with police departments, multi-discipline teams, and CBO’s.
  • California Prison Realignment Coordinator
  • Contra Costa Human Trafficking Coalition Co-Chair
  • Ceasefire and Focused Deterrence
  • Justice Department Violence Reduction Network Liaison
  • Attorney Recruiting Coordinator
  • Safe Streets Task Force Gang Violence Attorney Director
  • Office initiatives to reduce crime and recidivism
  • Board of Supervisors Racial Justice Task Force



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