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Class Action Defense attorney Michael Hassen is the founder of the “Class Action Defense Blog”, the leading site for class action defense discussions and case summaries. Picture of the class action defense blog and a link to the blog itself

A former Supreme Court law clerk, author and editor of Miller, Starr & Regalia’s real property treatise. Michael Hassen is nationally known class action litigator and editor of the Class Action Defense Blog.

Michael’s practice includes the defense of large corporations, financial service companies, construction contractors and medical practices against unfounded class action claims that amount to legal blackmail.

Complex corporate legal issues, business disputes and complex trials are Michael Hassen’s legal focus.  At Lawyers in Lafayette, Michael teams with attorneys who share his trial expertise and comprehensive litigation approach.

Michael Hassen works on the physician defense team providing defense against class oriented challenges to physician autonomy.


Photo of Hassen with link to Thompson Reuters website and article on class action agreements where arbitration is waived

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Led by legendary trial lawyer Daniel Horowitz, the group also has former interim District Attorney Doug MacMaster, former District Attorney Chief Assistant Tom Kensok and veteran trial lawyers Dan Russo, Carmela Caramagno and Oksana Tsykova.    The pure volume of jury trials handled by these lawyers is extraordinary.  The teams specific business related expertise includes two licensed real estate brokers, Horowitz is an RIA and did the SEC work for an investment firm that managed the voluntary pension funds for the Metropolitan Opera and the American Ballet Theater.  The staff includes a paralegal with a high quality MBA.



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