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Class Action Defense attorney Michael Hassen is a former Supreme Court law clerk, author and editor of Miller, Starr & Regalia’s real property treatise. Michael Hassen is nationally known class action litigator and editor of the Class Action Defense Blog.

Michael’s practice includes the defense of large corporations, financial service companies, construction contractors and medical practices against unfounded class action claims that amount to legal blackmail.

Working with renowned trial attorney Daniel Horowitz, Michael Hassen has the team and expertise to go beyond the “class action dance”.  The dance is the standard legal back and forth that drains large fees from clients as attorneys from the plaintiff’s side and defense side, dance to a settlement that seems preordained.  Michael Hassen takes the cases where his client is tired of paying unwarranted settlements and wants to draw a clear line against unfounded – holdup type actions.

Michael combines complex legal reasoning and motion writing with genuine jury trial experience.  These are rare qualities in a civil litigator and Michael’s record of success has built a national reputation as the “go-to” lawyer for difficult civil defense cases.  Michael Hassen is the trial attorney to hire for real estate litigation, employment litigation and complex business litigation such as cases involving UCC sale issues (U.C.C. – ARTICLE 2 – SALES).

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Modern Class Action Defense

Working with Lawyers in Lafayette, Michael Hassen has taken the “old school class action defense” and updated it to meet the realities of modern litigation.   The old school approach is ineffective and it costs companies millions of dollars in unnecessary legal fees and settlements.

 The Old Class Action Paradigm

Class Action Defendants Are Pawns in a Chess GameImage of chessboard to illustrate point of article 3d chess board image

You are a top corporate executive but in a Class Action lawsuit the lawyers dance together like Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers.  And you pay the bill.   It is a chess game that bloats attorney’s bills and ends with a predestined settlement that has no relationship to what is fair.     Worse, the class action settlement pendulum is swinging toward the plaintiff’s side.  Plaintiffs have systems for effectively taking cases to trial and the plaintiff’s bar is attracting more “Top Gun” type lawyers who are swinging for the fences.

You need a class action defense firm that is truly on your side and is as nimble and aggressive as the new competition.


1. Aggressive Motion Work to Obtain a Dismissal

Michael Hassen is well known for scholarship and aggressive motion work.  He has a long track record of obtaining dismissals in cases where other firms argued for settlement.

2. Early Nominal Settlement

If a case has some potential merit, Michael Hassen will explore an early (and often nominal) settlement.  As any experienced litigator will tell you, a fair and early settlement is often a better choice than a costly, drawn out victory.  Faced with Michael Hassen’s track record, many plaintiff’s class action attorneys will negotiate promptly and reasonably.

3. Now Plaintiff’s  “Pot at the End of the Rainbow”

Teaming with Lawyers in Lafayette, Michael Hassen added experienced state and federal appellate lawyers and a team of the most successful and experienced jury trial lawyers available.  A plaintiff’s firm must now face an onslaught of dispositive motions, motions limiting their class and their damages and a major summary judgment motion.  There are no more pots at the end of the class action rainbow.

4. Top Trial Lawyers

Led by legendary trial lawyer Daniel Horowitz, the group also has former top prosecutor Tom Kensok and veteran trial lawyers Carmela Caramagno and Oksana Tsykova.   As a group, these five trial attorneys have hundreds of jury trials and decades of days in an actual courtroom.

It is Michael Hassen’s view that this combined force of high level motion work, appellate experience and trial credibility is the wave the of the future for modern defense work.


Michael Hassen & Daniel Horowitz provide legal advice to entrepreneurial startups who are ignored by the big firms and misguided by small business firms that lack the big picture, billion dollar company dream.  The “Consigliere” concept means that as a risk taker, you have a friendly voice and a general advisor to help you steer clear of landmines or extract you from the unwelcome entanglements that slow your growth.   Our philosophy is simple.  We don’t want a piece of your dream, we want to  protect your dream and be your trusted advisors.

Michael’s Main office is at 1991 North Broadway, Walnut Creek, California 94596. Daniel’s main office is at 3650 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, Ca.

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