Doug MacMaster

Former Prosecutor for the Contra Costa County District Attorney, interim District Attorney of Contra Costa County and Certified Criminal Defense Specialist. Doug MacMaster is an experienced jury trial attorney who has taken more than 90 cases to trial.

Criminal Defense Specialist is a regulated title.  It cannot be used unless the attorney has undergone peer review, judicial review and passed a written examination.  To keep the designation extensive and specialized continuing education is required – yearly.

                                                                               SUPREME COURT

Doug has the unprecedented experience of having appeared and argued before the California Supreme Court three times, along with having argued in the Court of Appeal more than a dozen times. His unique combination of trial and appellate experience is unmatched.

He served in the Contra Costa District Attorney’s office, where he rose to the position of Chief Assistant District Attorney. He was appointed second in command of an office of nearly 100 prosecutors.  Upon the sudden resignation of the elected District Attorney, Douglass MacMaster served as the interim District Attorney for Contra Costa County.

Doug led the Felony Trial Team for a number of years. He oversaw the Sexual Assault Unit, the Domestic Violence Unit, and the Special Operations Unit.

A trial veteran, Doug has taken more than 15 murder cases to trial.  He has prosecuted many sexually violent predator cases, a wide range of felonies, and as a young prosecutor many  DUI’s and other misdemeanors.  As of March 2020, there were only 12 Certified Criminal Defense Specialists in all of Contra Costa County.  Douglass MacMaster, Daniel Horowitz and Carmela Caramagno are independent lawyers associated as “Lawyers in Lafayette” so these three constitute 1/3 of the specialists in this County.  Sharing office, these defense specialists share ideas, cases and ensure that you receive the best possible defense.

In addition to being among the elite few recognized by the California State Bar as a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, Doug has considerable experience in areas such as administrative law, federal court litigation, personal injury law, family law, employment litigation, commercial disputes, real estate fraud, white collar crime, unfair business practices, and intellectual property law. Doug received a B.S. Degree in Computer Engineering, earning admission into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society, after which he graduated with honors from UC Berkeley’s School of Law.

Doug will work tirelessly and diligently to make sure you receive justice. He’s negotiated fair and just resolutions in thousands of cases, so he’s capable of getting you the best settlement possible, but if necessary, he has the skills and experience to provide aggressive representation at trial.


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