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Trial Lawyer and Criminal Defense Specialist Daniel Horowitz, has assembled a team of independent attorneys and paralegals with unsurpassed qualifications.

The attorneys are independent and have separate practices. Horowitz assembles a custom team for your case. You only pay for lawyers and paralegals who are suited to your case.  Unlike “big firm” structures, you are not paying to train a new associate and you are not carrying the payroll of salaried employees who need to generate income even if they are not suited to your case.

Our custom team of professionals included a licensed RIA (Registered Investment Advisor), Graduate school MBA, former school board member real estate brokers, a former acting District Attorney, a former District Attorney, former top supervising prosecutor, a chiropractor, the creator of the leading class action defense blog and a death penalty qualified paralegal.

Daniel Horowitz is the lawyer who you have seen on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and of course, doing battle with the legendary Nancy Grace.  As a trial lawyer, criminal defense specialist, licensed real estate broker and SEC registered investment advisor (RIA), Horowitz academic achievements are legendary.  He has represented media stars Al Pacino, Michael Savage and author Terry McMillan among many others.  He has also fought against abuses by the rich and powerful including his classic lawsuit against actor Mel Gibson.

Instructor Criminal Defense Specialist Training

Exam Prep: Criminal Law Certified Legal Specialist Exam (State only) (CA)(Recording in 2019)

Legal Commentator

Celebrity trial attorney and television legal commentator Daniel Horowitz, has been involved in some of the highest profile cases of this decade.  Daniel covered the Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson trials for MSNBC, CNN and the Nancy Grace show.

Defense of Medical Professionals

As a trial attorney, Horowitz defends physicians and medical professionals who care charged with medical fraud and medical practice related crimes. As a State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization certified criminal defense specialist, Daniel Horowitz provides a focused and effective defense.  Only 200 lawyers (approx) are certified as criminal defense specialists.  If your life, freedom and career are at stake, the “Lawyers in Lafayette” medical group are a top choice.

Licensing board Accusations provide little due process and Daniel Horowitz aggressively protects the licenses of physicians and chiropractors in medical licensing cases at the board / accusation level.

Traditional Criminal Defense

With over 25 murder trials, 7 death penalty trials and 200 jury trials, Daniel Horowitz is one of the nation’s most experienced high stakes litigators.   His recent criminal jury trials have included multiple murder cases, drug conspiracy, attempted murder, and complex gang litigation.

Celebrity Clients

Horowitz is the personal attorney for Talk Show Superstar,  Michael Savage of “The Savage Nation”.   In civil litigation, Daniel successfully terminated Dr. Savage’s contract with Talk Radio Network and obtained a large monetary award against TRN.  Daniel has represented author Terry McMillan, actor Al Pacino and sued actor Mel Gibson for the assault on his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva winning her case and protecting her against extortion charges as well !

He worked with the Nation’s Leading Political Lawyer, Martin Garbus on the “Cuban Five” case which helped President Obama re-open relations between Cuba and the United States.

Professor & Lecturer

Daniel Horowitz has been a law school trial law professor, a criminal law college instructor, a lecturer to attorneys, consultant for the leading criminal law book in California (California Criminal Law Practice and Procedure) and author of numerous law journal articles.

Defender of the 1st Amendment

Daniel’s defense of clients includes vigorous defense of freedom of the press.  He is partners with famed 1st Amendment attorney Martin Garbus in the 1st Amendment defense of reporters sued for going “undercover” to get the story.

Real Estate Trials

Daniel Horowitz & Carmela Caramagno are both licensed real estate brokers.  Their trial experience combined with their real estate experience makes them a formidable team at trial.


Daniel Horowitz & Michael Hassen, provide legal advice to entrepreneurial startups who are ignored by the big firms and misguided by small business firms that lack the big picture, billion dollar company dream.  The “Consigliere” concept means that as a risk taker, you have a friendly voice and a general advisor to help you steer clear of landmines or extract you from the unwelcome entanglements that slow your growth.   Our philosophy is simple.  We don’t want a piece of your dream, we want to  protect your dream as your trusted advisors.

Michael’s Main office is at 1991 North Broadway, Walnut Creek, California 94596. Daniel’s main office is at 3650 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, Ca.




Noted author, Terry McMillan hired Horowitz to sue her ex for marital fraud.


Photo of grigorieva and horowitz and link to People Magazine article on settlementRussian pianist Oksana Grigorieva hired Horowitz to sue actor Mel Gibson for his physical assault against her.













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