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Dan Russo experienced jury trial attorney and criminal defense specialist featured at his law office in Vallejo california pink shirt and tie with law books from his vallejo office behind him.

Criminal Defense Specialist Dan Russo



Dan Russo is a trial lawyer extraordinaire !  Dan Russo been lead counsel has over 200 jury trials. 

Dan Russo is a Criminal Defense Specialist, certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization for over 30 years.   Dan Russo has been a law school associate professor and a chapter reviewer for the leading criminal defense “bible” in California.

Daniel Horowitz tells the story of a  criminal defense client who once said to him, “Horowitz, you’re the best criminal defense lawyer in California !”  Just as Horowitz began to smile, the client added, “Except for Dan Russo !”  (Russo has been a certified criminal defense specialist for 30 years , Horowitz has been a criminal defense specialist for “only” 22 years.)

Trial Lawyer for Civil & Criminal Cases

The range of cases for this trial veteran runs the gamut of serious felonies to will contests.  Probate attorneys and civil lawyers often hire Dan as the trial “hammer” when the case gets set for trial. The result is often a good settlement as the other side realizes that the trial expertly and aggressive pursued.

When Daniel Horowitz needed a civil trial lawyer for his personal case – he hired Dan Russo and within weeks the other side settled !


Dan Russo has seen a recent increase in TACTICAL Domestic Violence cases.  Domestic Violence arrests can negatively impact his client’s job future, ability to be licensed and their access to the client’s children.  Dan’s work in DV defense emphasizes clearing his client’s name and restoring fairness and balance.  Domestic Violence is a serious issue but it should not be invented and used as a pressure point in property or family law disputes.


The “white collar” aspect of Dan Russo’s practice focuses on fraud charges, embezzlement, medical frauds and financial crimes more generally.  Many of these “financial crimes” are really money disputes where the corporation or insurance companies target executives or employees to cover up corporate abuse.   Dan Russo has no fear of the rich and powerful.  He relishes the fight !

For the highest quality defense and a caring, aggressive advocate, Call Dan Russo  (707) 644-4004

Dan Russo at press conference on high profile kidnap case

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