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Carmela Caramagno is a Certified Criminal Defense Specialist. Her office is in Lafayette, California and she represents clients throughout the United States.

As a criminal defense specialist, Carmela is one of the leading attorneys fighting the expansion of the statute of limitations to allow revival of criminal charges.  Unlike DNA cases where the evidence is scientifically based, statute of limitation extensions often create charges that cannot be defended against because so much time has passed.    A recent example of statute extension cases are the motel lawsuits filed by former sex workers who claim that they were exploited.  The motels and individuals working at the motels are then sued as accessories.

Statute of Limitations Defense

Certain counties target criminal defendants after their release from jail or prison.  They look for additional cases with extended statutes of limitation and bring new criminal charges.   In these types of cases, the legal work is complex and the territory often uncharted.  Did the original plea deal include other known victims ?  Was this expressly placed in the agreement ?  If not, was it implied by word, act or law ?   As a criminal defense specialist, Carmela is the right choice for these types of complex, ground breaking cases.

Appeals & Habeas Corpus

Carmela is an experienced appellate attorney being one of the authors of the successful defense of the Michael Savage verdict against Talk Radio Network.

(Certified as a criminal defense specialist by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization).  She has 50+ trials both criminal and civil.

Carmela is a fighter.  No case is too complicated and no set of facts is so bad that Carmela backs away.  She is fearless, tireless and dedicated.

Carmela is very selective in her selection of cases because once she is your lawyer, her dedication and energy is overwhelming.   We are honored to have Carmela as part of Lawyers in Lafayette.

High Profile Cases

Carmela is rare among trial attorneys because she is also a highly respected appellate attorney winning both criminal and civil appeals.  When Daniel Horowitz got radio show host Michael Savage a multi million dollar judgment against his former syndicator (Talk Radio Network / Mark Masters), Horowitz  hired Carmela to do the appellate work.  (TRN appealed the award)   The case was heard in the Ninth Circuit and TRN even petitioned the United States Supreme Court for review – but ultimately Michael Savage prevailed.  It was this case that freed “The Savage Nation” to move to the Cumulus Radio Network (Westwood One).


Lecturer to attorneys and bar association (Contra Costa County) on “Jury Selection”.  Carmela is the “go to” attorney for criminal cases involving complex mental health and expert witness issues.

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Carmela is a licensed real estate broker and she is often hired in disputes involving zoning and land use issues.  Carmela’s extensive jury trial experience is rare among real estate lawyers.  Carmela’s trial skills and her real estate background make her the first choice for real estate disputes that are set for jury trial.

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Criminal Defense Specialist – Certified by State Bar Board of Legal Certification

Carmela is part of an elite group of Criminal Defense Attorneys who have earned the title “Criminal Defense Specialist” according to the strict standards of the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization.

Lawyer for Complex Issues

Carmela has a rare string of trial victories in cases involving complex mental health issues and expert witnesses.

Ms. Caramagno pioneered the limitations on the use of “hearsay” through the mouths of so-called experts.  This hearsay was used by prosecutors as a way to introduce evidence that would normally be excluded as “hearsay”.

Defending Medical Professionals

Defending chiropractors, Carmela filed the first known attack on the authority of California’s Department of Consumer Affairs to control the (previously) independent board of Chiropractic Examiners.

visual of court of appeal decision in widenbaum v board of chiropractic examiners with a link to the decision                                                                                                                                           

Representing Michael Savage

When radio host Michael Savage needed an attorney to defend his victory against Talk Radio Network, he hired Carmela.

The Ninth Circuit ruled in his favor and the United States Supreme Court left the victory untouched.  Carmela’s jury trials include personal injury cases and complex criminal cases as well.

Fighting Corruption

Read Carmela’s Major Anti-Police Corruption Lawsuit Filed against the Pittsburg, California Police Department.

This lawsuit led to the reversal of 15 criminal convictions of people wrongly convicted !

15 convictions were overturned due to the work of Carmela Caramagno this is a link to a news story on the dismissals by pittsburg pd

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