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Dan's Favorite Magical Wonderland
California Magic Dinner Theater is a Must for anyone in the Walnut Creek, Martinez or San Francisco area.

The finest magicians in the country perform in this intimate club.  Things take place inches from your eyes that cannot be.  Object vanish, appear, transform and it is just simply impossible for this to be a trick.  It is real magic, I am certain of it.

The dinner, the drinks and the wonderful stage show top off the close up magic.

Here's their website:
The Chiropractic Profession is FINISHED ....

Unless .....
Laureen Bethards & I will be filing a brief next week where we challenge the constitutionality of the State of California's take over of the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners.  This is a critical issue for DC's in the state because the Department of Consumer Affairs which now runs the Board, has a far more limited view of the scope of chiropractic than did the pre-takeover BCE.

In California, the attack on DC's is very personal.  The Chiropractic Act and subsequent interpretations of that Act, have long allowed DC's to use heat, ultrasound and mechanical devices to treat muscle, joint, connective tissue, etc.   Now those definitions are being significantly tightened.  Lasers, sound waves that are audible, heat generated by means other than hot packs, machines that rely upon technology not available in the horse & buggy days (when the Act was passed by the voters), are all going to be banned.

But worse, any DC's using these technologies are going to be personally targeted.  The larger practices and the higher profile DC's will be subject to Board attacks on their licenses.  Criminal prosecutions will be sought as the insurance companies start working with the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Lawyers for the BCE will give legal advice based upon the instructions of their masters, the Department of Consumer Affairs and not based upon the needs or requests of the Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Let me be perfectly clear.  There IS NO BOARD OF CHIROPRACTIC EXAMINERS.  It is a name that belongs to a corpse.  The real name is the Department of Consumer Affairs which has its own economic and political agenda.  It runs the Board.  It controls the people on the Board.  It leads attacks against legitimate DC's. 

Unless we win our lawsuit and depose the king, the BCE will be the knife in the back of the profession. 

If I were a California Chiropractor I would count my career longevity as less than 5 years.  After that, (If the DCA wins), you will be glorified physical therapists.

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