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Veteran Trial Lawyer and former Top Prosecutor, Thomas Kensok has joined Lafayette Lawyers as a Senior Trial Attorney focused on White Collar Defense, Medical Board practice, Physician Defense and personal injury law.  Tom has been lead trial counsel in over 100 jury trials.


The best attorneys specialize.  If you are a real estate or a business attorney you understand the nuances of your specialty area.  Your superior knowledge will reach a point where you almost stand alone in the nuanced depth of your understandings.  If you have a “litigation” case that actual is going to a jury trial, in most instances you will have far superior knowledge of the law and the case BUT, just as non-specialists will not fully understand the nuances of your case, you will NOT have the same trial skills as an attorney who has dedicated his entire career to jury trials.  In a perfect world, your expertise would be combined with trial expertise forged in hundreds of jury trials.

Tom Kensok and the attorneys at Lawyers in Lafayette have gone to JURY trial on hundreds of complex, high level cases. These cases include real estate, medical fraud, employment law, personal injury, conspiracy, wrongful death and murder.

Tom Kensok and the lawyers he works with, will help you prepare your witnesses, write your opening and closing.  Tom can sit at counsel table and if it benefits your case, participate directly in the trial.  In this way, your client gets the benefit of your unmatched expertise combined with a presentation forged from years of doing battle in the courtroom.


   Board Accusations

Tom Kensok fights Accusations against Physicians and other medical professionals.

Negotiate:  Tom aggressively negotiates to resolve complaints and avoid administrative hearings relating to license challenges by the medical board. Preserving the license and the reputation of the physician is Tom’s 1st priority.

Or Fight:  If a case cannot resolve, the Deputy Attorney General’s know that they are facing one of the most experienced trial lawyers in the State of California.

The administrative hearing process is stacked against the doctor.  Tom Kensok knows how to overcome the bias against the physician.  He has the strength and intellectual ability to fashion creative and legally significant defenses.   Tom makes possible victory in cases that seem impossible.

  Criminal Charges Against Doctors

Physician Criminal Cases Before Filing:  If medical professionals are charged with crimes such as kickbacks, self referrals or other offenses, Tom Kensok will use his experience as a former Top Prosecutor, to resolve the cases before they are even filed.

Criminal Cases Filed Against Doctors:   If a case cannot settle, Tom Kensok is well known for his remarkable trial skills. The same reputation that allows Tom to settle cases, make him a formidable warrior in the courtroom.

You can rely upon Tom’s judgment and his courtroom “battle” skills.  Just as physicians know who is best in their field, attorneys recognize the talent and attention to detail possessed by great trial lawyers such as Tom Kensok.

Does a Former Prosecutor Have “Inside Juice” ?

As a former Assistant District Attorney in Contra Costa County, Tom Kensok developed highly valued professional and personal contacts.

But, it is a marketing myth and a misrepresentation to imply that a “former prosecutor” has some special ability to get sweetheart deals.  Honest prosecutors respect strong presentations, strong skills and integrity.  Do not hire an attorney who implies that he/she has some inside “juice”.  It is unethical and untrue.

What Tom Kensok as a Former Top Prosecutor Can Ethically Offer

Tom’s almost 30 years as a trial prosecutor and supervisor have given him tremendous insight and credibility in the legal community.

As a recruiter, trainer and supervisor of many current district attorneys, Tom has a stellar reputation for honesty, good judgment, insightful analysis and advanced trial skills.  These earned achievements and earned respect, allow Tom to negotiate the best possible result.

Community Contributions

1. School Board

Tom Kensok is an elected board member of the Napa Valley Unified School District .   

2. Community Peace Program

As a Senior Assistant District Attorney  Tom developed and ran the renowned anti gang violence / peace program for the City of Richmond.  Tom has dedicated hundreds of unpaid hours to improve our schools and to promote social justice.

3. Inclusion of All People

As a hiring recruiter for the District Attorney, Tom Kensok was notable for his recruitment of a very diverse group of people.  As Tom has said, “I selected them because they were the best people”.  And this is true.  But the diverse choices also reflect the fundamental honor and integrity that defines Tom Kensok.

Fighter for Criminal Justice Reform and Human Rights

As a candidate for Contra Costa County District Attorney, Tom was notable for his advocacy of criminal justice reform.  Tom’s commitment to human rights is marked by his appearance as a panelist for the Contra Costa County Human Rights Commission, his involvement with the Contra Costa County Racial Justice Task Force,  and his development of the community based, anti-gang program for the City of Richmond.

Part of that fight is Tom’s desire to steer young people away from crime and toward a better future.  Tom sees this as a human rights issue.



  • Supervisor Homicide, Gang, Sexual Assault, Community Violence Reduction, and Domestic Violence Units. Work on policy issues with District Attorney and other officials. Interface with police departments, multi-discipline teams, and CBO’s.
  • California Prison Realignment Coordinator
  • Contra Costa Human Trafficking Coalition Co-Chair
  • Ceasefire and Focused Deterrence
  • Justice Department Violence Reduction Network Liaison
  • Attorney Recruiting Coordinator
  • Safe Streets Task Force Gang Violence Attorney Director
  • Office initiatives to reduce crime and recidivism
  • Board of Supervisors Racial Justice Task Force



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