Daniel Horowitz

Savage and Horowitz at the University club in San Francisco, click photo for interview

Savage & Horowitz at University Club

Celebrity attorney and television legal commentator, Daniel Horowitz has been involved in some of the highest profile cases of this decade.  Daniel covered the Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson trials appearing on MSNBC, CNN and the Nancy Grace show on HLN.

Horowitz is the personal attorney for Talk Show Superstar,  Michael Savage of “The Savage Nation”.   He successfully terminated Dr. Savage’s contract with Talk Radio Network and obtained a large monetary award against TRN.

Daniel Horowitz has been a law school trial law professor, a criminal law college instructor, a lecturer to attorneys, consultant for the leading criminal law book in California (California Criminal Law Practice and Procedure) and author of numerous law journal articles.

Daniel’s defense of clients includes vigorous defense of freedom of the press.  He is lead counsel in the 1st Amendment defense of reporters sued by a Muslim Brotherhood founded group  His defense raises the issue, can that group, (CAIR), if it is truly a partner of Hamas, claim constitutional or statutory rights to protect their “image”.

Noted author, Terry McMillan hired Horowitz to sue her ex for marital fraud.

Photo of grigorieva and horowitz and link to People Magazine article on settlementRussian pianist hired Horowitz to sue actor Mel Gibson for his physical assault against her.





High profile criminal cases include the defense of the founder of the Family Affiliated Irish Mafia.Picture of FAIM founder Coby Phillips with link to article on his alleged attempt to harm an attorney

Daniel Horowitz is fighting for the First Amendment rights of reporters against Hamas front group “CAIR”.  He is defending the right of reporters to go undercover to find evidence of criminal conduct, support for terror, laundering of foreign money.  His client wrote the book, the “Muslim Mafia” about a group that pretends to support civil rights but actually is designed to further the Muslim Brotherhood agenda.  His client went undercover and infiltrated the group and after the book was published he got sued.  The lawsuit cannot succeed.  If it does, reporters throughout the country will find that their First Amendment rights are chilled.  In other words, even if you report the truth, going undercover to find the truth will be banned.   The man pictured above is the leader of this group.  When Horowitz questioned him, he claimed to be like “Dr. Martin Luther King” but when pressed, he refused to endorse Rev. King’s core teaching and core principle of non-violence.  He also didn’t know that “Coretta” was the name of Rev. King’s wife.

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